An Island Wedding

Congratulations to Brenden & Kira, who have worked tirelessly to rebuild this farm, and who were married here yesterday afternoon!

After a morning of heavy rain and thunder, the skies cleared a brilliant blue. Thornleigh Farm hosted over one hundred guests. They gathered in the paddock to witness Brenden & Kira exchanging vows over the well.

With their hands together, over years, Brenden & Kira built the place for their wedding.

When Brenden & Kira moved to Thornleigh, the spot where they were married was overgrown with weeds, utterly impassable, as was the rest of the property. Yesterday, it was the picture of manicured perfection.


At the Point of Sale

Thornleigh Farm is open 24/7 via our online Store. We also open for walk-in sales for during pickup times.

Until now, we have been making these sales by using a printed price sheet, and only accepting cash. That doesn’t quite cut it in 2018.


Enter Square. We’ve now got a fancy Square Stand. We can accept contactless cards, Apply Pay, and Google Pay. Phew!

It gets better. Previously, we had to manually track inventory changes from cash sales. This busywork sucked time away from more important tasks like actually growing food.

Square stays in sync with our web store, offering the same products

All that busywork is now gone. We have integrated Square with Minnie: Our friendly farm management robot. Minnie and Square talk to each other via the Square Connect API, automatically managing stock levels across physical and online sales.

This is when technology is at its best: Saving busywork, freeing us to do valuable things.

Opening Hours Summer 2018

Thornleigh Farm has new opening hours! These are the hours during which we are open for order pickup, and walk-in sales.

Monday: 8am – 9am
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Thursday: 8am – 9am
Friday: 8am – 9am
Saturday: 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Sunday: Closed

In setting our new opening hours, we have attempted to balance several competing pressures:

  • Some potential customers have told us that they cannot pick up orders during our current 8am – 9am hours. For example, because they have work each morning.
  • Other customers have indicated that they are happy with our existing hours
  • We need to maintain limited opening hours, because we don’t have the resources to staff a regular retail storefront. Farming is very intense work, requiring our full attention for the majority of each day.

We hope these new hours are a good compromise. Our online store remains open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can visit to browse and order fresh food at any time.