Hive Inspectors

Today is perfect for a hive inspection – sunny, clear and only a gentle breeze. We check the health and progress of our hives regularly.

Busy little bees

Our second hive started only a month ago from a bait box, and so they are still building comb and growing the hive population. The top box is healthy with fully formed comb and capped honey cells at the top. There are capped brood cells below – mainly flat capped cells with (female) worker brood and some larger domed cells with (male) drone brood. The colony is still forming comb in the lower box and so it will be a month or two before we think about adding another box.

Our first hive started from a large swarm two months ago and the colony is larger. They have completed the comb in all the frames in both boxes and the cells are almost full. So we added another box underneath. They now have a three-story apartment they can call home.

Brenden takes notes after inspecting the hive

Time to write up our report and get out of these space suits.

Oh, and if you are wondering why we add the box underneath, it’s because bees naturally build new comb downwards as the hive grows. Makes sense when you think about it.