Our Avocados

Thornleigh’s avocado trees are very old. Our avocados are not a variety that you will see in supermarkets today.

Avocado Thornleigh Farm Lord Howe Island
Yummy! Notice the thin skin

We think that our avocados are the unique Brogden cultivar going back to the 1930s. They are named after the grower Tom W Brogden of Winter Haven, Florida. The variety may be a cross between Mexican and West Indian cultivars.

Avocado Thornleigh Farm Lord Howe Island
Snagging avocados off the tree

The cultivar’s name was published by the Florida State Horticultural Society in 1951, and is recognised for its dark-purple skin colour when ripe and juicy yellow flesh. Brogdens were not suitable for commercial production because of their thin skin, which some say can be eaten with the flesh.

For those who like to try something a little different!

Avocado Cow Thornleigh Farm Lord Howe Island
Luna standing guard, protecting the Avocado stock