Gardens in Spring

Winter has truly given way. Chilling mornings are gone, and steady 21 degree days are in. The gardens are feasting on the increased sunlight.

Hoop houses shielding capsicum

Water remains an ongoing challenge. In the absence of drought, Lord Howe Island rainfall does not vary significantly between winter and summer. However, demand from the gardens increases substantially.

Lettuce rows

We face this coming summer with a vastly increased catchment area and storage capacity. We are hopeful that we will be able to maintain garden irrigation through the heat.

Tomato vines in the nursery

The gardens and nursery are currently growing 27 different products, including pumpkins, rhubarb, tomatoes, lettuce, and capsicum.

Looking down from above onto a section of the gardens

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Spring in our Step

The days are lengthening, temperatures are rising, and the sun is shining higher in the sky: Spring is here and it’s time to plant seeds!

Laying seeds out in preparation for planting

Zucchini, silverbeet, beetroot, asparagus, pumpkin, spinach, cucumbers, just to name a few. We’ve sought out a wide variety of seeds, where possible obtaining ‘odd’ varieties like purple carrots and golden beetroot.

Laying seeds in shallow trenches
Planting seeds in shallow trenches

We’re not certain about how well different crops will grow, but last season almost everything we planted exploded up out of the ground. This season, we’re deploying our new drip irrigation system, so we expect these seeds to do even better!

Each row is helpfully marked with the crop we hope will grow!