At the Point of Sale

Thornleigh Farm is open 24/7 via our online Store. We also open for walk-in sales for during pickup times.

Until now, we have been making these sales by using a printed price sheet, and only accepting cash. That doesn’t quite cut it in 2018.


Enter Square. We’ve now got a fancy Square Stand. We can accept contactless cards, Apply Pay, and Google Pay. Phew!

It gets better. Previously, we had to manually track inventory changes from cash sales. This busywork sucked time away from more important tasks like actually growing food.

Square stays in sync with our web store, offering the same products

All that busywork is now gone. We have integrated Square with Minnie: Our friendly farm management robot. Minnie and Square talk to each other via the Square Connect API, automatically managing stock levels across physical and online sales.

This is when technology is at its best: Saving busywork, freeing us to do valuable things.

Gardens in Spring

Winter has truly given way. Chilling mornings are gone, and steady 21 degree days are in. The gardens are feasting on the increased sunlight.

Hoop houses shielding capsicum

Water remains an ongoing challenge. In the absence of drought, Lord Howe Island rainfall does not vary significantly between winter and summer. However, demand from the gardens increases substantially.

Lettuce rows

We face this coming summer with a vastly increased catchment area and storage capacity. We are hopeful that we will be able to maintain garden irrigation through the heat.

Tomato vines in the nursery

The gardens and nursery are currently growing 27 different products, including pumpkins, rhubarb, tomatoes, lettuce, and capsicum.

Looking down from above onto a section of the gardens

Our food is available for order 24/7 at

Babies, Leeks

New on the Thornleigh Farm Store: Baby carrots and leek! Leek is a new ball-game for us. They took a little longer than expected to grow up, and we are thrilled they are ready for you to enjoy.

Little baby bite-sized carrots

Baby-carrots come from the same beds as our regular carrots. In the past, we found we pulled up a few little-bitty carrots while harvesting their regular sized bretheren.

Thornleigh Farm Lord Howe Island baby carrots

As much as Luna wishes we could keep feeding the babies to her, we thought you  might appreciate the option to enjoy them. We have put them up at a lower price than the regular size. Enjoy!

Thornleigh Farm’s baby carrots are officially “Luna Approved”